Learn to be a tour operator
I spent over 25 years in the travel business. I started out as a city bus driver while still in college and then hired on as an intercity bus driver. Over the years I operated interstate schedules and then began driving tours across the western states. Every year I would learn more and more about how tour companies operated and had the chance to see how the plans of the tour planners worked out. I worked day tours, overnight tours and finally started working long distance tours. Some of these tours lasted for seven days, some much longer. One of the tours we operated lasted for 42 days - and it was a best seller.

Leaving bus companies (the one I was with went bankrupt) I started my own tour company. I operated this company for a little over 10 years before deciding to sell out. I had to learn the business aspect by myself - I already knew how tours should be planned and operated. My company operated group tours throughout the western US and  parts of Canada and Mexico.

When you use our mentoring services I will provide you with the basic knowledge of how to plan and operate a tour company. I will cover -
Legal requirements of a business
How and where to get needed licenses
Different legal forms of a business
Planning of tours
Itinerary planing
Timing of tours
Pricing of tours
Various advertising methods
How to decide what your primary target market is
How to locate and negotiate with vendors (transportation companies, lodging companies, attractions, restaurants, etc.)
How to register people for your tours
How to hire and train tour escorts

A modern tour bus

This is not a get rich fast scheme. It does require a lot of hard work. The learning curve may be steep but you will have an experienced hand ready to help when you need it the most.

This type of business can be ran from home - though an office setting is better. Once you get a few tours moving you may want to consider renting an office as home offices have too many built in distractions and your potential customers feel that you are more professional if you have an office.

If you are interested, fill out the form on the Home Page. We can communicate via e-mail until you feel that you are ready to talk. You can contact me via e-mail by clicking here.

tour bus
Tour bus arriving in Durango, Colorado