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If you have been searching across the Internet for factual information on becoming a tour operator - you have finally found it! This site is all about becoming a tour operator. A tour operator is really a tour broker. If you are interested in how to become a broker - if you are interested in a travel job - this is the right place for you.

I teach people - just like you - how to set up their own tour business and how to run their business for fun and profit. But...before we go into that, a few things about what a tour operator is and what this person or company does.

Tour operators plan trips for a number of people. These people travel together to various places for leisure or business. The tour operator arranges: transportation, meals, lodging, admission to attractions and events. In addition, the operator will hire, train and supervise a tour guide. The tour guide will travel with the group. Take a look at this site  for more about what tour operators do.

Some are bus tours others may use airplanes, trains or boats. A tour operator manages more than a travel company, a tour operator originates and creates travel.

I teach people how to start and operate a business. The average time to get a person up and running and making money is about six months. My method is not used very much anymore but it should be. I mentor aspiring business owners how to establish and operate a tour brokerage.

There is no great secrets to running a business but you are at a real disadvantage if you lack both business skills and knowledge of the business. We help with both of these problems. Using a mentor is somewhat like having a big brother or an older friend standing by and ready to help you.

What kind of money is possible?
Say that you operate a seven-day tour and charge $1,225.00 per person. The tour leaves with 36 people giving you a gross income of $44,100.00. After expenses you should be able to realize a net (what you have after all costs) of $8,820.00 or about 20%. You could also offer a one day tour for $75.00. At 36 people this tour would give you a gross income of $2,700.00 and you should net $540.00.

First bus built with windows
The Durango Silverton Railroad on the way back to Durango from the high country

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